AK 2010 Part 1 of 4


snowed 6 feet at sea level in the first week of our trip

thanks to the boys a SEABA (South East Alaska Backcountry Adventures) and Bruce J. Bauer down days aren’t really that bad

check out SEABA  here

Bruce’s boat The Sundowner

Tom Wayes waiting for skies to clear

a little crab for Reggie Crist and Bryon Friedman

check out some of Bryon’s music Here this guy is amazing

All told we spent the first 13 days watching it rain and snow. Its difficult to sit around knowing what looms just above town. Haines lies directly under some of the most amazing terrain in the world. The peaks tower right out of the ocean stretching into the worlds most perfect spines.

first sunny day in over two weeks looks pretty good up there

spine skiing….. not a lot has to be said here

Lexi duPont finds her perfect spine

Tom Wayes making me jealous

Reggie Crist with a where’s waldo

stay tuned for part 2 next week

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