AK 2010 Part 3 of 4

in Haines not only are the mountains next level but the scenery is out of hand as well

this was my sixth winter in Alaska and the first time I had the chance to shoot snowboarding. To say the least my stoke with high to capture some shredding

Chris Coulter all about getting the goods

Chris makes it look easy

Coulter with his own impression of Where’s Waldo this line was legit!

Wyatt Caldwell enjoying his first ever bluebird day in Haines

Wyatt was getting after it

Caldwell was figuring things out, he’s an attentive student

snowboards are cool just ask Chris Coulter

Check back next week for our last installment of AK 2010

AK 2010 Part 2 of 4

As always conditions dictate whats available to you in the mountains. After a hit or miss scenario for the first 3 weeks of our trip finally the weather and snowpack stared to lock in. An extended week long high pressure enabled us to start exploring some new zones.

Kent McBride and Friends find something new

Erik Leidecker he was on fire

SEABA part-owner and lead guide Scott Sundberg AKA Sunny getting the goods

Sunny was taking full advantage of the conditions

its a great feeling when your surrounded with quality people!

Erik Leidecker… one of 72 IFMGA mountain guides in the US, co-owner Sawtooth Mountain Guides Idaho, operations manager Sun Valley Heli Ski, student of the illusive facet… all around good guy

Erik doing his thing

Lel Tone… avalanche forecaster Squaw Valley Patrol, lead guide Chugach Powder Guides, level 3 avy, certified EMT, instructor Institute for Avalanche Research (AIARE), licensed blaster in California… all around bad ass

Lel doing here thing

Kent McBride… one in a very select group of guides who holds UIAGM and IFMGA certification in rock, alpine and ski mountaineering…  Kent knows how to show his clients the goods

Reggie Crist… 10 years World Cup downhill US ski team,1 time olympian, 5 consecutive podiums at X-Games, 15 years heli ski experience in Alaska, accomplished in a Kayak and on a surfboard, basically the guy you want sitting next to you in the heli

with this kind of crew things are bound to go your way!

Stay tuned next week for part 3

AK 2010 Part 1 of 4


snowed 6 feet at sea level in the first week of our trip

thanks to the boys a SEABA (South East Alaska Backcountry Adventures) and Bruce J. Bauer down days aren’t really that bad

check out SEABA  here

Bruce’s boat The Sundowner

Tom Wayes waiting for skies to clear

a little crab for Reggie Crist and Bryon Friedman

check out some of Bryon’s music Here this guy is amazing

All told we spent the first 13 days watching it rain and snow. Its difficult to sit around knowing what looms just above town. Haines lies directly under some of the most amazing terrain in the world. The peaks tower right out of the ocean stretching into the worlds most perfect spines.

first sunny day in over two weeks looks pretty good up there

spine skiing….. not a lot has to be said here

Lexi duPont finds her perfect spine

Tom Wayes making me jealous

Reggie Crist with a where’s waldo

stay tuned for part 2 next week