Exploring Idaho

Over an 11 month span I made 8 separate ventures into the mountains of Idaho. Multiple projects lead me to gain an appreciation of this sometimes misunderstood region. Know for its Potatoes Idaho offers a Mecca of winter terrain.

wissman_IdahoEssay_71 The Heyburn Couloir one in a sea of Idaho Peaks


Trip # 1 October 8-11 2008:  Reggie Crist spending some time on his bike before the snow flies. These two images are part of a 4 year personal project stay tuned for updates




Trip #2 November 1-5 2009:   Sun Valley Resort

wissman_09_IMG_4372 Reggie Crist enjoying two natural wonders at once snowfall and forest fires

wissman_Idaho_069 Jeff Mintz showing me the goods

wissman_09_IMG_4147 theres always a catch


Trip #3:  January 4-7 2009: Recon mission into the Lost River Range.

wissman_Idaho_001 Base of operations the Stoecklein ranch

wissman_09_IMG_4563 Drew Stoecklein leading the way into uncharted territory


Scope76 The Objective

Drew being Drew


Trip #4  January 12-15 2009: Shooting with the Crist family for a Warren Miller Segment


70 year old Roger Crist showing us how its done


Zack Crist getting some turns on Galena Pass


Trip #5 March 4-12 2009: Backcountry skiing via horseback check here for the full trip report






Trip #6 April 16-20 2009: Skiing the Heyburn Couloir with the Crist Brothers



This decent is a true classic viewed right from the town of Stanley. Here Zack races his sluff to the choke


Trip #7 May 14-15 2009: Adjective Mcgowen Peak another classic


Tom Wayes just starting the grueling approach to McGowan

Good look at Tom’s line from above

Reggie Crist was Tom’s partner for the day here you can just see him on the lookers right. He’s staring down one of the best lines in the Sawtooth.

Snow conditions couldnt have been better considering it was May 15th

Reggie getting rewarded for a 5 hour hike


Trip # 8 May 21-22 2009: Objective The Grand Mogul

Spring had finally hit the Sawtooth. Just a week earlier this lake was still completley frozen over. The open water allowed us to cut almost 3 hours off our approach with a 10 minute boat ride.

Good view of the blind roolover, just below the horizon is a 150 foot rappelll

Those were some tasty beers


Check out The Ski Journal Volume 4.1 for a full feature on our adventures in the Sawtooth


Some AK favorites

wissman_LPGallery_03 copy

wissman_LPGallery_13 copy

Enak Gavaggio sexy spines

wissman_selects_10 copy Reggie Crist  sparkle spines

wissman_LPGallery_32 copy Chris Davenport tordrillo mountains

wissman_LPGallery_27 copy Tom Wayes lightmeter

Tom Wayes goat towers

Tom Wayes on a down day aboard the sundowner  Thanks Bruce

wissmanw_042 copy Daron Rahlves lightmeter

wissman_08_22 copy Cody Townsend tordrillo mountains

wissman_08_17 copy Cody Townsend tordrillo mountains

wissman_selects_06 copy Reggie Crist tomahawk

wissman_LPGallery_44 copy

the end


Reggie Crist Las Lenas Argentina

Drew Stoecklein Alta Utah

Rachael Burks Alta Utah

Brant Moles Alta Utah

Brant Moles Alta Utah

Brant Moles Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

Robert Fratton Alta Backcountry

Reggie Crist Spitsbergen Norway

Adrien Coirier Alta Utah

Ash Cristensen Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah

Argentina 2009

With summer heat dragging on a little time in the southern hemisphere is just plain good for the soul

Heading to Las Lenas for a month of summer pow. First order of business get your bags packed. Travel gear can really stack up when your a skier, add in winter camping and photography

this is what your looking at

Managed to make it work

We showed up at the tail end of a huge storm. The next day skiing around the resort locals were claiming 3 meters of snow in the previous week. From sandals to snow shoes it was a welcome transition

Lenas has endless backcountry.  After the storm broke it was time to get our hike on

 Reggie Crist rewarded for his efforts

                                        Zach Crist going for the goalpost

The Andes are infomous for the prevailing winds. Lenas is no exception, and when it blows its something to wrecken with. Glad the crew was willing to battle the gusts as we were able to come away with some unique images.

Reggie isnt afraid of a little wind

Neither is Lynsey Dyer

With the addition of a couple new cats Lenas is expanding their snowcat opperation.

Here the whole crew is stoked after an epic day on the cat

Just a little piece of the terrain

Reggie mid slope with another 1000 vert below him

Lynsey getting into a little sluff

Pow turns and Sluff in September thats hard to beat.

This is truley one of the worlds best snowcat locations. To find out more about the zone check here

Argentina produces some of the worlds best wine. Drink up Zach

And no argument the worlds best meat. Long story short this was the best meal of my life.

Jose your the man

Spent a day enjoying some Argentinian hot springs

Spent a night camping at this aboandoned resort/spa. It sits under the impressive Mt. Sociaonado. With an elevation over 16,000 Socionado  leaves the eyes hugry for high elevation exploring.

Maybe next year